5 Things that should be Included in your Living Room Décor

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Regardless of the size, shape or location of your living room, it is normally the centre of the home. Used for both family gatherings and entertainment purposes, one of the main things that can bring your home to life is the décor that is in this room. Everybody’s taste is different and the living room should be a comfortable reflection of this. Below are 5 things that when include keep this room the heart of the home:

  1. Comfortable Seating – For large houses with are many family members, or regular visitors, a good sofa that can handle constant wear and tear is essential; as well as a few other comfortable chairs. They should be arranged in a way to encourage interaction. For smaller living rooms a love seat is a good option, or two oversized chairs that are made for relaxing. Use accent pillows and cushions to personalise the seating.
  2. Tables – Once again these can be different based on the size of the living room and the members of the household. A coffee table is a great, traditional centre piece for large rooms, and can be complemented by a unique rug under or in front of it. In the event of limited space, accent tables can be used. Living room essentials, such as the tv remote or a good book, can be placed on these.
  3. Lamps – Even though most of the time overhead lighting might be used in the living room, a few unique lamps create great eye catching pieces. They can be the source of subtle lighting, which may be more appropriate when watching tv or just relaxing.
  4. Personal Decorative Items – These bring the household’s personality to the living room, and can include photos, artwork, heirlooms or anything else that has sentimental value to one or more family members.
  5. Storage – Most people always need extra storage everywhere in their home, including the living room. Try to get a unit that is appealing to the eye and that can serve dual purposes – a decorative piece that is actually functional.

Let us know how these suggestions help you beautify your living room, and anything else that you feel is essential to the décor. As always, we are looking forward to hearing from you.