About us

Our story started when we bought a house in Dublin 12 and started to refurbish it. Our home is very special to us and we were looking for affordable furniture in Dublin that was a bit different, looked great yet offered us enough storage space. In the end, we decided to make our own built-in wardrobe and to extend this opportunity to people like us, who want unique and affordable furniture – tailored to their needs. 

We realise that buying furniture is not something you do every year or even every couple of years. We recognise that no two homes are identical, tastes vary and your home needs to show your style. That’s why we want to offer you affordable furniture in Dublin that we can design to your taste. Whether you like a contemporary design or prefer the more classic look, for your home or home office space, we can help you. 

Our promise is our expert advice, top quality materials, excellent design finished with flawless installation. You can meet with us in our showroom in Dublin or we will happily come to you for a no-obligation chat. Just let us know. 

We think you will be as happy as we were with your new customised furniture.


Hope to see you soon,

Anna and Konrad