Attracting Wealth – Feng Shui Decorating Tips for Prosperity


Decorating your home in a certain way is not guaranteed to bring you wealth. It is also important to remember that prosperity is not only based on material things that are acquired, but on the overall happiness and positivity in your home. Appreciating life and those around you are the best ways to attract the lifestyle you desire. These decorating tips will make your home rich with positive energy, and will help to maintain your overall prosperity.

  1. Get Rid of Clutter – Keeping your environment clean as well as storing any unused items, will help to increase the positivity in your home. Clutter is the biggest obstacle where prosperity is concerned, because it prevents a healthy flow of Chi through the household.
  2. Display Symbols of Wealth – These can be either traditional wealth symbols, or personal ones. One of the most traditional Feng Shui prosperity symbols is hanging Chinese coins on a red string in your home. Eight coins is the perfect number for the manifestation of wealth. Other wealth items include seashells and healthy plants, especially those with round leaves.
  3. Keep Fish – Fish, especially coy, are a symbol of wealth. If you have an aquarium ensure that the fish are strong and healthy, as well as keeping other representations of fish such as pictures or sculptures around the house.
  4. Crystals – Nature plays a very strong part in Feng Shui, and crystals have a bond with the earth. Gem trees in citrine or pyrite are beautiful decorative items, and these stones are powerful wealth attractors.
  5. Water Elements – Clear, free flowing water is a natural symbol of wealth. Fountains are one of the most powerful Feng Shui wealth decorations, as well as images of flowing water. Ensure that there is no stagnant water in the house, example dirty water in a vase. Abundant water scenes such as a fisherman catching a large number of fish, give the sense of abundance. Fixing leaky faucets in the house is very important as this is literally money going down the drain. Do not, however, use water elements in the bedroom, because this will have the opposite effect by depleting the family’s wealth.

Let us know how these tips help you create an environment of abundance, or any others that you use. As always, we are looking forward to hearing from