Changing to a Winter Wardrobe

winter wardrobe

It’s certainly getting colder these last few weeks. The summer is truly gone and I don’t know about you, but, I’m back in my woolly cardigans and jumpers already. Around this time, I like to do a swap of my wardrobe from summer to winter gear.

Before you think that I have a complete winter and summer wardrobe, I wish! Sadly, I don’t. But there are things that I only wear in the summer. Certain dresses, a couple of jackets. There are skirts that don’t work with tights and blouses that don’t work under cardigans. Sandals, flip flops…oh summer, I miss you already. It may not seem like much, but there are a good few things that come together. Especially, when I add the kids things (shorts, summer dresses).

It’s not a fashion thing for me to go and pull out my summer-only clothes. It’s a space thing. I like being able to open my wardrobe and see what I have. Rather than being faced with a jumble of clothes. So when I pull out these clothes I suddenly have more room to maneuver. This little trick makes me wear what I have in my wardrobe (and Konrad can’t give out to me for having too much stuff ha, ha!). And, when I unpack the summer things again in spring, it will feel like I have a bunch of new things at zero cost. That’s a little win!  

And it’s not only my wardrobe but also the jacket hooks we have under our stairs. The winter and wet gear gets put out and all the light denim jackets and frilly hats get put aside. This gives us a lot more space there and everything feels a little more tidy in our daily mess.

Some time ago, I simply bought some plastic storage boxes that stack well on top of each other. Clothes go in and up in the attic. Come spring, I’ll make the same change again.



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