Contemporary or Classic – Identifying your Perfect Furniture Style

contemporary or classic


Buying new furniture can be a very stressful process. Making the wrong decision can result in years of being unhappy with the piece. This article provides information needed to make the right choices about which type of furniture is best for your individual investment.

The things that needs to be taken into consideration for each item purchased are:

  • Comfort level
  • Practicality and durability
  • Amount of space available
  • Personal style and the current style of your home
  • Lifestyle eg. extra wear and tear from young children or animals

Regardless of the type of furniture that you choose, always ensure that the pieces are well-made using good quality materials.

The next step is to examine the two types of furniture available – contemporary and classic/traditional, so that a more informed decision can be made the next time some redecorating needs to be done.

Contemporary Furniture

This type of furniture follows the current market trends. A modern lifestyle sometimes dictates that our furniture fits well into small spaces, and being adaptable to suit these conditions, is one of the main features of contemporary furniture. There is also the focus on simplicity and functionality, and the pieces are normally easy to maintain.

Designed with clean, geometric lines these items fit in well with other pieces of furniture and decorative items.

The biggest downside to buying contemporary furniture is that trends change often and may have to be replaced regularly.

Classic Furniture

Furniture with a lasting, elegant form is normally referred to as classic or traditional. There is more attention to detail and many pieces have ornate designs added for a more personal touch.

Classic furniture focuses on providing the home with an inviting atmosphere. The aim is to create timeless pieces that can be used regardless of the current trend.

The main disadvantage to traditional furniture is that many of the pieces can be very big, and would not be suitable for a smaller environment.


A popular trend is to make contemporary designs that include traditional features. This ensures that the pieces will suit your personal style, but can still be used for an extended period.

Let us know how this article has helped you decide which furniture option is best. If there are any questions or more detailed advice is needed please feel free to contact us, we are always willing to help.