Create the Atmosphere you Desire – Using Colour in Decorating



Colour is a very important part of any effect that we are trying to create in our homes. The right ones can have a great impact on the way we feel and the atmosphere surrounding us at all times. This blog post shares a little bit about the most popular colours used in interior design, and the effects that each produces.

  1. White – Using pure white in any area has a big impact on our lives. Best used to create a feeling of cleanliness, it also has the effect of making small spaces seem bigger when painted on the walls and ceilings.
  2. Black – Producing a look of sophistication, black can be used for any object or area that you would like to stand out. Use this colour sparingly, however, because too much black creates an atmosphere of grief and mourning.
  3. Grey – Used in the right amount grey creates a feeling of elegance, but if overused can lead to a depressing or dull environment.
  4. Brown – A very popular neutral colour, brown is one of the most prominent colours in nature. It helps to create a feeling of security and comfort in the home. Mixing different shades works well to emphasize this effect.
  5. Green – Also is closely associated with nature, green is a very relaxing colour and produces a calming effect when used to decorate.
  6. Blue – Like green, blue promotes a calm environment and is ideal for use in places where relaxation is top priority, such as in the bedroom. Also good for providing a sense of clarity blue suits areas that are dedicated to work and a high level of concentration is needed.
  7. Yellow – The sunshine colour does exactly as it suggests and brightens up a room. Yellow is perfect for use anywhere that you want to promote a vibrant atmosphere and, for this reason, is very popular in the kitchen.
  8. Red – As the colour of passion red can be used in small doses to create an atmosphere of either romantic desire or intense creativity. Used in excess red can be very overwhelming, and is often associated with danger.
  9. Pink – Another colour that helps us relax, pink is used regularly in decorating. Lighter pinks are perfect for the bedroom because they are best for promoting a romantic setting. To limit the femininity of the colour, it is great to match it with another one that complements it well.
  10. Purple – As the colour of royalty purple gives an air of luxury to places that it is dominant in. When used with silver, it produces a combination associated with wealth and is best used in the living room.

Remember that the perfect addition to a beautiful furniture scheme is appropriate colours. Let us know how helpful this blog has been in choosing the ones that are right for you.