Entertaining in the Summertime – 5 Tips to Create a Home Away from Home


Many people choose to do their overnight entertaining during the summer, because it allows the kids to make the most of the holidays and the adults to spend time catching up. When having visitors stay at your home, it is important to be mindful of creating an environment in which they will feel completely relaxed. These 5 tips will help improve your hosting skills so that your guests will have a memorable experience, for all the right reasons:

  1. Get Rid of Clutter – For most of us it is convenient to use the spare bedroom as a storage area. Don’t forget to remove these items, or put them away neatly, when guests will be around. If your things are scattered in their space there will be the feeling of imposing, instead of being welcome.
  2. Provide Necessities – Ensure that guests are able to unpack their belongings while staying over. Instead of giving them drawers, which can be impractical, luggage racks are an easy option. Check that all lighting works, as well as other electronics and battery operated items they will need to use during their visit.
  3. Create a Comfortable Atmosphere – The guest room is normally locked up when not in use. A couple days before anybody will be using it, make sure that the windows are opened for a while. You can also use a room spritz or burn some scented candles, for a pleasant smell. Ensure that there is enough bedding, including extra blankets and pillows. Fresh flowers and a bottle of water will complete the effort.
  4. Have Toiletries Available – Almost everybody forgets to pack at least one bathroom essential, so provide access to shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc. Ensure that there are towels for the guests and most importantly enough toilet paper.
  5. Make them Feel at Home – The small things that we do for our visitors are what really make the difference. Having a set of keys lets them know that they are welcome, but there is no restriction to their movements. When they first arrive give them the grand tour of the house, and then be confident that they will find their way around. Keep in mind everybody’s personal situation, for example those that are travelling with young children will be happier if breakable items are stored safely away until they have left.

Let us know how these tips help the next time you have guests over, as well as any other ones that you use to make them comfortable. We are always looking forward to hearing from you.