Household Ceilings – 5 Designs to Look Up To

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The ceiling is the area that is the most neglected, when we are decorating our house. We have gotten so used to plain, white ceilings as the norm, that we do not give them a second thought. Traditionally ceiling décor was almost as important as furniture in each household and many modern decorators are going back to these old ways. Here are 5 tips to help create ceilings with a difference in your home:

1. Fabric – Attaching a piece of fabric with a colourful design to the ceiling can drastically increase the personality of a room. Different ones can also be cut into strips or other pieces to create an overhead collage.

2. Create Outdoor Effect – Using paint and a few other creative ideas, the illusion of looking up into the sky while indoors can be achieved. A blue background with a few clouds and some sun rays mimic a beautiful summer day, or midnight blue with glow in the dark stickers of celestial bodies can make it seem like you are looking up into a starry sky on a clear night.

3. Recreate a Masterpiece – During the Renaissance period, many artists were commissioned to paint beautiful, detailed scenes on the ceilings of churches, palaces and a few of the houses of the very wealthy. Even though most of us will not possess the same skills as Michelangelo, drawing a few flowers, hearts or other simple designs can magically liven up a room.

4. Co-ordinate – Curtains or blinds are used in almost every room in the house. Having simple designs that can be duplicated on the ceiling can make a room look polished and unique.

5. Write a Motivational Quote – Having a quote written on the ceiling above your bed means that you will be able to see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Whether it is a statement that will put a smile on your face or give you a reason to hop quickly out of bed, there are no doubts that the effect is sure to be positive.

Let us know how you use our ideas to make your ceiling unique, or if there are any others that you can share with us. As usual, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Friday,