How to Get Kids to Actually Put Away Their Clothes


It’s the bane of just about every parent’s existence: how to get your children to put away their clothes. Most kids’ rooms will be carpeted by discarded clothes or even by the freshly washed and folded clothes that you kindly left on their bed earlier that day. What can you do to get rid of the mess of clothes? Here are some tips:



functional kids storage unit

Get functional storage. One of the reasons that you may find your kids’ rooms covered in a carpet of clothes is because your current storage solutions just don’t work. If you’re having trouble finding a closet solution that makes it easy for kids, with their short arms and legs, to hang up or put away their clothes, it might be time to invest in a customized solution. A wardrobe constructed specifically for them, with storage areas that make it easy for them to organize their clothes is a great way to encourage them to keep their clothes off the floor.


 functional storage


 Get rid of extra clothes. If your kids have piles and piles of clothes, too many to fit in even the most customized and streamlined wardrobes we have to offer, it might be time to purge their closet. Doing this with their help doesn’t have to be difficult. Lay a few ground rules—they have to get rid of a certain number of shirts and pants, but let them ultimately make the decision when it comes to what stays and what goes (unless they’re trying to throw out all of their dress clothes and just keep their favorite grubby play clothes).


   kids storage

Make it clear where dirty clothes go. If you often find dirty clothes and clean clothes mixed together on their floor, make sure that kids have their own spot to put dirty clothes. A hamper or basket in their room where they can toss their dirty clothes when it’s time for them to be washed will ensure that those dirty clothes stop ending up on the floor.


Using these tips, you can win the battle of the “floordrobe.” Having the right storage solutions can make it much, much easier to get your kids to keep their rooms clean and to put away clothes when they are cleaned, so start with this tip!


Please contact us, if you would like to hear more about kids storage. Having two ourselves, we know few tricks already.