Kitchen Décor – The Center of the Family Home



‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’

This popular saying might not necessarily be 100% true, but every home needs to have a comfortable kitchen where we can prepare healthy meals for ourselves and our family. This room should have a homely vibe that the entire household can appreciate. The trends in decorating a kitchen tend to be very simple and centre on the family, since it is not really a room for entertainment purposes. Creating beautiful décor in the kitchen doesn’t have to be challenging and some ways in which to do this are:

Splashes of Colour

  • Cabinets are normally painted in a neutral colour, with white being the most popular. Painting one cabinet a bright colour while the rest of them remain neutral can make the room more vibrant, without becoming overwhelming. They can also be painted in two alternating colours to build on this effect.
  • Coloured sinks are also a very modern approach to the same idea and their simplicity makes it possible to decide the rest of the room’s décor around them

Kitchen Styles

  • Black and white is a classic combination wherever it is used, and they are especially appropriate for the kitchen. Even though interior design trends change often this is a timeless look that can be paired with any other colours, or décor style.
  • Open kitchens that connect to the dining room are very convenient, and many families prefer this set up to having them separate. This means that the décor can match so that the entire area will be uniformed and complete.

Tops of Counters

  • Granite counter tops are absolutely beautiful, but can also be a bit on the expensive side. A laminate counter top designed to look like granite will give the same effect and is also very durable, but without the additional cost.
  • Quartz is another material that is very practical, due to the fact that it is heat, spill and scratch resistant. This is definitely a good choice for large families where there is the guarantee that there will be lots of messes made.
  • One of the latest trends is to mix a conventional counter top with wood, which is a natural substance so it creates a safe, homely atmosphere. It also is a very unique look that a few people have just started to explore.

We would love to hear your tips on kitchen décor and creating the balance in such an important room of the house. Feel free to call, email or simply pop into our showroom for a chat.