Living Room vs Family Room – Is there really a difference?


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Most people view the living and the family rooms as the same. There are many homes that don’t have both, and it is quite acceptable to use them interchangeably. For houses that do have the two of them, however, there are a few differences that indicate how they can be used. Both are designed for relaxing and socialising, but the atmosphere in each encourages this to be done in different ways.

The living room is often referred to as the lounge, sitting or front room. It is normally the biggest room in the house and is located at the front. As the other names suggest, this is the room that many people use for sitting or lounging around. The family room is most often next to the kitchen, sometimes even connected to it, and there will normally be a rear door that opens into the garden.

Both rooms can be used for entertaining, with the living room being the more formal of the two. This is normally where guests are taken upon arrival and they will sit together and interact in large groups. The family room has an informal atmosphere, and people are more inclined to wonder around and mingle to their heart’s content.

Members of the household can also use both rooms for different purposes, and the television will be in the living room so that everybody can watch together. Family members may also like to sit and talk in this room in order to unwind at the end of the day. The family room is normally the home of more lively activities, such as playing board games and doing family chores or projects.

Decorating also differs in regards to both rooms. Maintaining the more formal vibe, the living room is normally decorated with artwork and other pieces. There can be splashes of colour to liven up the atmosphere as well. A sofa, and other large items, is most appropriate as the furniture for the room. Being the centre of the household’s personality, the décor in the family room can have more personal touches and will normally be dedicated to family photos and heirlooms.  The can be lots of smaller furniture items that are easy to move around whenever needed.

There really is not much difference between the rooms, but many people like to keep them separate. Share your experience with both and ways that you have used to keep these rooms personal but different in your home.