Patio Décor – Brighten up your Time Spent in the Sun



For those of us not living in a tropical paradise, when it starts to get warmer we do whatever we can to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Whenever we are going to be somewhere often we want to be sure that it is as comfortable as possible, as well as appealing to the eye. Below are 5 ideas to incorporate when decorating your patio, in preparation of making the most out of the sunny weather:

  1. Matching patio furniture – Just because outdoor furniture has to be weather resistant doesn’t mean that it can’t also be visually appealing. There are many beautiful patio sets available, which include chairs, tables and even sofas. These can be made even more comfortable by adding some nice outdoor cushions.
  2. Sun protection – Even though the sun is our motivation to be outside, we still need to ensure that we are properly protected. Patio umbrellas can be found in many different sizes and styles, to suit everybody’s taste. A weather resistant rug is also a good option to help protect bare feel from hot tiles.
  3. Lighting – One of the best outdoor lighting options are solar lanterns, as they can absorb the sun’s energy during the day, and use it to light up the patio during the night. Outdoor fireplaces provide a cosy source of light and warmth on evenings when it might get a bit chilly.
  4. Plants – When decorating indoors with plants there can be a limit on the way in which they are used. On the patio it is appropriate to have as many different ones as you would like to. Large potted plants, beautiful flowers, as well as creepers all create a comfortable atmosphere when placed around your seating area.
  5. Other decorative items – While the pictures and family heirlooms are best left inside, there are many other options that can be used to decorate outdoors. Waterfalls are a good one as they mask other sounds that might not be very pleasant to relax to, such as traffic or a neighbour’s renovation. Statues and sculptures come in all shapes and sizes, and another option that is limited to outdoor use is a birdbath and/or feeder. Many people love to have their feathery friends visit whenever they are outside.

Share with us your favorite things about the sunny season, as well as any other decorative tips you might have for the patio. Looking forward to hearing from you, and enjoy the sun!