Refreshing you Decor – 5 Simple Ways to Change a Room

change ahead


The spring equinox has arrived, and with it the urge to get rid of the old and welcome the new. When it comes to our décor this is the time when most people try to spice things up a bit. There is however, no need to get rid of all the beautiful decorative items you already have at home. Below are 5 simple things that will help you to just revive some of what you already have to create a new look.

  1. Rearrange Furniture – Changing up the layout of a room can really help you feel like it has had a total makeover. The best place to position furniture is away from the walls. This will create a more inviting, cosy atmosphere. A layout like this also encourages the healthy flow of Chi (life-force energy) throughout the area.
  2. Paint ½ the Wall – This is a subtle technique that can create a really unique look. Paint one colour from the floor up and another from the ceiling down, having them meet in the middle. Try to choose colours that complement each other well, avoiding anything that might be too overwhelming if you have to look at it for long periods of time.
  3. Add Colour to Shelves – A splash of colour can really enhance an area. Shelves can be rejuvenated by either painting the wall visible behind the shelf, painting the shelves themselves or adding a few decorative items in a bright colour.
  4. Add a Print – A great way to make a statement is to add a lively print to an area. The best way to do this is using textiles, in the form of cushions on the sofa or a printed table cloth in the dining room.
  5. Decorate using Plants – A strong symbol of spring and creating a healthier atmosphere, plants can be used to brighten up places that need it. Place large plants in corners to enhance a room and smaller ones can be placed on shelves. Flowers are also a beautiful option and their bright colours help to boost people’s energy.

These are all simple and affordable suggestions, to help decorate your home. A little creativity also goes a long way. Never be afraid to experiment and mix and match décor until you achieve the atmosphere that you are most comfortable with. Let us know how these suggestions help you, and share any others decorating tips that you use with us.