Revamping your Antiques – 5 Ways to Make Old Furniture Appear New

Antique furniture can be passed down through several generations of family members and, even though the framework may still be exceptionally strong, the beauty of the item may fade as it gets older. The best part about having old things is that most of them can be made new again, and the family will be able to get lots more use out of them. Explore these 5 ways to give your old furniture a complete makeover and let us know how they work for you.


  1. Cover it

Nowhere in the decorating code does it say that the use of wallpaper is limit to the walls of the home. The amount of household projects that it can be applied to is endless, including the sprucing up of your oldies but goodies. Cover your chest of drawers in bright, pastel or floral wall paper to create an easy, fresh appeal. Wall stickers, and even old magazines, are good options that can be used to create the same effects.

painted furniture

  1. Paint it

No matter where or what you are trying to revamp, a coat of paint can work wonders. Vibrant colours will brighten a dull piece and white is always perfect for creating the illusion that the item is ‘shining.’


kids room

  1. Change it

Remove compartments that have seen better days, and replace them with new ones or something totally different. A good way to reuse an old chest of drawers is to take out the drawers and adding storage containers or slides. Mirrors, smaller shelves or permanent decorative fixtures can be added to revive a bookcase. New handles on the drawers of any piece of furniture will create a completely new look and feel.


  1. Cushion it

The power of adding cushions as an easy decorative fix is remarkable. They come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and materials and are appropriate for use in every room of the house.


mix and match

  1. Mix and Match

There is no reason why only one technique should be used on each piece of furniture. Painting some cabinets and then pasting on some wall stickers, adding some new cushions to a sofa that has recently been re-upholstered, and putting new handles on the dressing table that you have just covered with horizontal stripes are all perfectly acceptable.

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination, and have fun resurrecting your old furniture.