The Perfect Home Office – 5 Tips to Create an Environment Where you can Actually Work



Working from home has great perks, such as being in your pyjamas at 11:00 am, drinking a cup of tea while sitting in front of your laptop recording the latest sales figures for the week.

Like everywhere else in the house, the home office needs to be properly suited to its main function, which is to get some work done.

Below are 5 tips that will help you to create an ideal work area, at home, designed for a high level of productivity.

  1. Separate the work area from the rest of the house.

Even if it’s just a small corner of the living room, create an area designated for work only. Try to avoid doing anything else in that space. Treating your home office like the work place instead of a part of your home, helps to create the mind-set that this is where your job takes place.

There should also be no physical distractions in the area. Your tv and game consoles might sometimes have to be kept in the same room, but should never be on during working hours.

  1. Keep the area neat and organised.

Most people working from home only have a very small area dedicated to their office. Whenever there are too many things in a limited amount of space the feeling of being cluttered tends to dominate.  This creates an atmosphere that is not conducive to getting much work done.

Invest in a good quality desk with adequate storage, as well as necessary storage containers, and keep everything in its place. That way anything that is required for the project at hand, can be found quickly and easily.

  1. Ensure that the area is well-lit.

Natural light is the most energising type available. If possible, have your home office located near a window.

In a case where natural light isn’t available, make sure that the lighting is sufficient to see comfortably. You should never be straining to look at what you are doing while performing daily office tasks.

  1. Invest in Good Office Furniture.

When sitting anywhere for an extended period of time, it is always necessary to be on a comfortable chair, that will support your back.

The desk also needs to be fitted at the correct height, to ensure that your computer screen is at eye level or slightly below. Looking at the computer screen from this angle will prevent your eyes from becoming too heavy while working.

  1. Make your office space visually appealing.

Working in the same area all day will naturally just be more pleasant if the surroundings are beautiful. Invest in some nice plants and a few decorative items so that you will be able to spend an extended period of time in the area without getting bored.

We need to be able to love both our homes and our offices, but know the difference between where home life ends and work begins. Share with us how these tips have been helpful, as well as any others that you use, to ensure that your home office remains an area that has been specifically dedicated to work.