Tips for Making the Holidays Less Stressful

 Fumro's Christmas tips



With presents to buy, dinners to make, and trees to decorate, the holidays can be a very busy and stressful time for most people. There are a number of ways, however, that you can cut the stress out of your life and make this time of year as fun and uplifting as it is supposed to do. Here are some tips to keeping the holidays stress free:


Organize your home before you do anything else. Don’t pile all of your holiday activities on top of also trying to clean and organize your home. If you need to, buy some organizational tools that help you get and keep your home organized, before you actually start trying to decorate, make a special holiday dinner, or house your extended family as they come into town.


Cut down on events. Trying to attend every holiday party, including the ones thrown by your workplace, your friends, and your family members, can be exhausting. Instead, cut down on the events—only attend the ones that you really want to attend or that you have a familial obligation to attend. Try to keep it at four parties or fewer this holiday season.


Let go of perfection. A lot of the holiday stress comes from trying to make everything perfect. Trying to take the perfect Christmas card picture, trying to pick and decorate the perfect tree, etc., etc. are all things that can ultimately ruin your holiday season and leave you feeling disappointed. Instead of trying to be perfect, just do your best and be happy with the results—and accept no criticism from mothers in law or well-meaning friends.


Cut down on the wish list. Instead of going crazy with buying and requesting presents, commit to only buying or asking for a certain number of things or things up to a certain dollar amount. Kids will ask for the moon, but they won’t really expect to get it. Try to scale back so you don’t spend the entire holiday season worrying about your budget.


Take some time for yourself. The holidays may be about families (and you may love your family a lot), but being around them all day every day can be stressful. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself and enjoy some peace and quiet during the season of peace.

Merry Christmas,