Using Crystals around the Home – Bringing Positive Energy into your Environment



The beauty of crystals is undeniable and we have been using them to adorn both our homes and bodies for many centuries. As a result of their connection with nature they are not only pretty stones but are often associated with healing and protective properties. Feng Shui, therefore, encourages the use of crystals in the home for the positive energy that they can bring into the environment.
Crystals easily absorb energy from around them, and the first thing to do whenever you have acquired some is to cleanse them. This will release any negative energy that the crystal has absorbed and make its natural properties pure again. There are several ways in which crystals can be cleansed, and each is associated with an element of nature. The ways to cleans them are:

1. Bury the crystal in the earth for 24hrs
2. Hold it under clean running water for a few minutes.
3. Blow lightly on the crystal while visualising the negative energy being released from it.
4. Gently move the crystal through a flame back and forth a few times. (Hold the crystal in a pair of tongs for this procedure)

One of the most powerful ways to protect the home is to grid it using crystals. This is achieved by placing them in the four main corners of the home. Some crystals that can be used for this are: clear quartz which is a general energy cleanser, tourmaline for protection and grounding, and selenite for comfort and peace.
Other crystals also work well when placed in certain rooms. Some of these are:
An overall calming crystal, amethyst can be placed under the pillow in order to encourage more peaceful sleep and fewer nightmares. It is also helpful when placed in the kitchen to promote culinary creativity.
Rose quartz
Known as a love crystal rose quartz can be used in any room of the house to bring more love into the environment, both for one’s self and others.
A crystal known for its protective properties, when kept at the main entrance to the home it also attracts abundance.
This beautiful blue stone can be kept in any room to bring the members of the household good health and well-being.
This crystal is effectively used to shield those in the home from harmful emissions that come from the computer and other electrical items.

Share with us how you use crystals in your home décor to welcome positive energy into your environment. We always look forward to hearing from you.