5 reasons a wardrobe storage system will make your life easier

5 reasons a wardrobe storage system will make your life easier

We love good storage here at Fumro and our top 5 reasons are:


1. Find things easier

The obvious reason is of course that in a space that is well organised, you do tend to find things easier. With a good storage system you can choose what sections you need – more or less drawers, extra hanging space, shoe racks. It’s neat and a well organised sight in the morning when you are scrambling for time.


2. Hide things easier

As much as it’s easier to find things, it also makes it simpler to hide things. Drawers, spaces for boxes and mirrors allow you to hide the things you don’t want to be seen the moment your open sliding wardrobe.


3. Time saver

Speaking of time, it’s a real time saver not just to know where everything is but to see it. Especially smaller, unorganised spaces tend to have stacks of clothes falling over and it makes it hard and time consuming to get  your hands on what you are looking for.


4. More space

A better organised space where things don’t pile up and over each other actually gives you more space. Distinct areas for all your clothes and shoes make it easier to save space elsewhere. Especially as you can integrate shoe racks and drawers into your storage system.


5. Secure and protected

My old wardrobe had sharp edges and wasn’t well thought out. It was very deep and you could never see what was happening way in the back. It lead to some of my clothes getting lost in the depths of the wardrobe ending up smelling mouldy and getting damaged as I tried to pull them out. A storage system is built so you can access everything easily, keeping your clothes secure and protected.

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