5 small wardrobes well-organised

5 small wardrobes well organised

We talk a lot about how to make the best out of your space and how to get the most out of your storage. So we’ve pulled together five examples of small-ish wardrobes (2 doors) that are well organised, all for different reasons.

Double hanging space
This is a really well organised wardrobe full stop. But have a look here at the left of the picture. The double hanging space makes more room and is ideal for anyone with a lot of tops, trousers or short skits to hang.Double_hanging_space

Up to the ceiling
Here someone has made the most of their space by expanding their wardrobe right up to the ceiling. So instead of empty space or unsightly cases jammed on top of the wardrobe, it’s an ideal spot for shoes, bags and other items.


All the way down
Here an example of the opposite. Spot the clever boxes at the bottom of the wardrobe. More storage that’s neat and easy to access.


Integrate more
A great option especially if a room in total is quite small is to integrate drawers into your wardrobe. No need for an additional chest of drawers for socks and smalls.


Don’t forget the shoes
Along the lines of the built in drawers here is an example of a small space that builds in a shoe rack again saving space in the overall room. Neat, tidy and you can see all the shoes together with the clothes making picking outfits a lot easier!


These are examples that we really liked from around the web. But all options that Fumro can discuss with you and incorporate into your sliding wardrobe!

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