Choosing between Glass and Gloss Sliding Wardrobes

gloss vs glass

A wardrobe is an element that reflects the character of the owner and thus looking for the most suitable wardrobe is important. You also need to consider that fitted wardrobes are generally the biggest items of furniture in your room, so it is important they appear attractive. Currently, there is a wide variety of sliding wardrobes and custom made robes to choose from. The following will help you choose between glass and gloss wardrobes.

Glass Sliding Wardrobes

Using Lacobel glass sliding wardrobes is a great technique of adding individuality to a room. Considering that the shape and size of your bedroom also dictates the proportions and size of the wardrobes, glass covered doors will make your small room appear much bigger. This creates the illusion that you have a much larger space than you actually have. The glass wardrobes visually enhance the room by brightening up the space due to its reflective surface, which gives your room a more comfortable atmosphere.

Despite common misconceptions about custom made robes made from painted glass; this is actually a very durable material. This kind of wardrobe is best for a master bedroom, where you want to have the best materials for a unique room. Besides lasting for a very long time, painted glass also preserves its appearance and colour. This high quality and well-finished product has been made using eco-friendly paint and is simpler to assemble.

Gloss Sliding Wardrobes

The high gloss wardrobes are the ultimate option for modern bedroom design. They are able to give a very clean look to the room and also appear quite breathtaking. This is a great option for families with kids who are concerned about the safety of their children and cannot put painted glass wardrobes in the kid’s room. Since this is the latest style in contemporary wardrobe design, kids will enjoy the reflective and shiny finish of high gloss wardrobes.

The advantage of high gloss wardrobes is that they offer better scratch resistance than glass covered doors. They are even more durable considering that they are made from a high gloss wooden material, unlike glass, which may be a bit fragile. Provided there is some source of light in your house during the day, the new glossy surface usually keeps the home feeling energetic and light.

The final decision on which kind of sliding wardrobes you want for your house will also be based on your preferences. Some people feel that high gloss wardrobes are not stylish enough and there for settle for Lacobel glass fitted wardrobes. Whatever the choice you make, Fumro has the best collection of wardrobes that you should check out. For more information, go to or contact me directly.