Clearing out 2014 for good

Clearing out 2014 for good – Welcome 2015!

A new year a new you – we hear it everywhere right now. Bombarded with ads to lose weight, quit this, start that, quit the other. And these are great and worth to taking up if they suit you. I find though that without clearing the ghosts of the past year, it’s hard for me to welcome 2015 properly.

How to chase away 2014 ghosts

It lingers all around the house. Things left to do that were meant to be done last year (I’m looking at you Conrad!), toys that the both kids have grown out of, my own clothes in need of an update. Without tackling all these lingering ghosts it’s hard for me to really feel fresh and ready for 2015. So here my tips to get going:

1. Make a list

I’m a list maker, without a good list I’m lost in Aldi, the kids don’t have their swim gear in their rucksacks for school and certainly my other half would be lost. They are an extension of my brain; my busy life.

I sit down and make lists based on different headings. My new year favourite is the “Left Over” list. It contains all the things that I told myself throughout last year that must be done around the house. This year it will include things like clearing the garden shed, finally getting the flower beds in the front sorted, exchanging that one light bulb in the hall that’s been gone for weeks now.

2. Stick to it

Easier said than done I hear you say! Well, I tackle this like I would at work and assign owners to each task. You can’t do it all. I get everyone in the house to buy in and we set a deadline to finish things up. A big tip here is to put the easy stuff at the top – nothing motivates to do more than finishing something. The final thing to help you stick to the list is to set a treat at the end. We pick something that the whole family will enjoy (and trust me, there have been times when the treat was cancelled!).

3. Clear out unwanted stuff

I get some banana boxes free from supermarkets, they are sturdy and don’t cost anything. I pile up any toys that the kids have grown out of, set aside any keep-sakes that are for the attic, books and other items that are good to go. Anything that I wouldn’t want to use again myself goes to the bin, the remainder ends up in charity shops. A feel good job that leaves a very tidy and ghost free house for 2015!

4. Refresh your wardrobe without spending a penny

Now here is one I do just for myself. Throughout the year I just don’t find the time to go through my wardrobe and in January when things are still a little quite, I take a few hours to rummage through all my clothes. I pull everything out of the wardrobe, the bedroom looks like a battlefield where pastels are losing to the black army!

Any pieces I haven’t worn the past year gets either binned or in a bag for the charity shop. And every year I find clothes that I forgot I had – a nice surprise and it feels like I’ve just added a brand new piece to my wardrobe.

Let me know how you get on with these tips and also if you have any others, I’d love to hear them!


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