Dressing Rooms – 3 Tips to Make the Most of your Space


Dressing rooms are, for most people, small walk-in closets normally located close to their bedrooms. They provide solutions to space and clutter problems, especially in households where the rooms are small. Below are 3 tips you can employ to make this space as useful as possible:

  1. Plan & Decorate

The dressing room can be used for the entire family, or just a selected few who may need additional storage. Plan how the area will be divided before putting items in, including any large ones that will be bought in the near future. The dressing room is also one of the best places to store any other household items related to clothing, such as the ironing board or laundry baskets.

If possible use curtains to separate the area instead of doors, as they can be bulky and aren’t absolutely necessary. A nice pattern on the curtain can also give the room a unique touch. We all want our clothes to look and smell clean; scented sachets can be used in between clothes and on shelves to keep everything fresh.

  1. Sort & Discard

Before putting everything away neatly, sort through your items and decide what will never be used again. These items should be given away or discarded, along with anything that is broken. Seasonal clothing should also be separated, so that they can be put away separately.

  1. Store & Utilize

Each item should be put up in the best way to preserve it, and where it will be easily accessible:

Vertical Space – The best way to keep longer pieces such as skirts, blouses, trousers, dresses and outer wear, looking their best is to put them on hangers or rods. Only hang one item on each, so that nothing gets wrinkled or lost behind another piece.

Drawers – Best for heavy knits (hanging them up can ruin their shape) underwear, socks, tights etc.

Shelves – These are the most desirable option for storing shoes and bags. Upper shelves are the best place to store clothes that are more appropriate for other seasons, preferably in vacuum sealed storage bags.

Wall Hooks/Hangers – These can be used to keep belts, scarves and other accessories.

Let us know how these tips help you organise your space, as well as any others you may have for those with a dressing room. We are always looking forward to hearing from you.