Million Dollar Listing – Can you afford a walk in wardrobe in Dublin?

Can you afford a walk in wardrobe in Dublin?


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Not that I have much time to watch these shows but on occasion I do like to indulge in the lives of others and check out great homes and designs on TV. I like Grand Designs, Room to Improve when it’s back on RTE and yes, Million Dollar Listing.

The latter follows around estate agents who try to sell insanely expensive homes in the US. I’m not too interested in the cut throat of the selling, I hope to get a peak into the homes and for a moment dream of a live in a multi-million penthouse in NYC!

Each of these homes has one thing in common, walk in wardrobes. What a dream! Stepping into your closet that’s neatly organised and gives you a 360 view of shoes, bags, dresses and what not else. Maybe even “his” things!

And then I remember ‘Overboard’ that funny 80’s movie with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Where she plays a snooty rich lady, who falls overboard from her yacht and loses her memory just to be “found” by the carpenter who built her the most amazing walk in wardrobe that she obviously hated! Things unfold – it’s very funny. Again that dream of the walk in….

But if Kurt Russell can build one, surely one doesn’t need to invest in a multi-million dollar home to get one?

And that’s true, there are definitely more affordable options that suit your space from €999. What you need to think about, is do you have the space? And what type suits me?

You may have a box room that you want to fully convert, or just work with part of a room. You might have a small space available or something larger (lucky you!). It’s all possible.

So before you dismiss the dream of a walk in wardrobe as a pipedream because lack of space or lack of a million dollar home, give us a call or email us and we’ll set up some time to create a 3D design and quotation for you and your space!


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