Sliding wardrobe vs normal wardrobe – what’s the difference?

Sliding wardrobe vs normal wardrobe – what’s the difference?

If you are looking at purchasing a new wardrobe you have a lot of options from sliding wardrobes, to walk in wardrobes, to standard wardrobes to chest of drawers. How do you compare what works for you? We’ve put together some headings that we hope will help you answer that question!

Best use of space

When it comes to space, a sliding wardrobe wins in the comparison against all other options. The reason is simply that it’s not just going to fit exactly into the space you want it to, it will also make the most out of the space. Check out this image to see what I mean:


Sure you can store bags and things on top of a conventional wardrobe but it’s never going to look really slick and clean, right? You’ll have a similar issue with chest of drawers where also they are not made for the space you’d like them to fit into. A sliding door wardrobe is built for your needs and will fit floor to ceiling for a cleaner look and to make the most of our space.

Making the most of the space you have means also that you will have more storage space in the wardrobe.

Storage flexibility

This depends on what type of conventional wardrobe solution you go with. A standard wardrobe will have standard rails and shelves. You may find some solutions that do offer you to personalise your space. This comes at a standard with a sliding wardrobe. Check out this example:


If you need space for shoes, then add a shoe rack, if you want more hanging space, forgo a drawer. It’s really up to you.

For us, a personalised storage solution wins any day over a standard. But this really up to you, if standard will do, you can certainly find some great conventional wardrobes to suit your needs.

Moving flexibility

What happens to your sliding wardrobe when you move? Well, because it’s built for the space initially selected, it will not move easily. A standard wardrobe, as long as you can get it out the door and to its new space is a lot easier. Many also allow for you to dismantle and assembly again.

You can of course take part of your personalised storage system with you when you move and therefore have them included in your next sliding wardrobe.

You will add value to the house with a wardrobe like this and karma will come to you in the bucket loads as whoever is moving in after you will benefit from a great solution.

Ease of assembly

Most wardrobes these days are flat pack. That’s the same for conventional wardrobes, sliding wardrobes and chest of drawers. The deciding factor is, who assembles them!

Generally flat pack is collected by you and then built by you at home following instructions. You can from some vendors request to have your furniture built for you but there is generally a charge.

A sliding wardrobe because it’s bespoke to you and your space, is delivered in flat pack by Fumro and then built in your home for you. No fuss, no mess, no hiding of that left over screw that looks so important but just didn’t fit.

Waiting times / Delivery

It’s hard for us to speak in general about this as each vendor is different. There are many now that offer you to pay and collect right then and there, others need time to order your wardrobe. If your item is in stock say in a large Swedish supplier, then within a few hours you are home and setting it up. Many stores like this offer paid delivery in case you cannot transport the item yourself and this might add a few days to the delivery time.

Other standard wardrobe supplier has some wait time as wardrobes are ordered or shipped from larger storage places.

Our advice here is make this part of your requirement list as you sit down to decide on your solution. If you need something now, then make sure you ask.

Sliding wardrobe suppliers all vary as well. When you purchase from Fumro, we come to you to measure and discuss the design with you as well as the storage pieces you need. Generally, we set a time to assemble the wardrobe then in your home usually within 14 days of meeting you first (we may even be faster than that!).


Make sure that whatever you purchase has a guarantee on parts. No wardrobe supplier can give a full guarantee – if a mirror breaks because something fell etc, those are things that cannot be covered. Check the fine print. But parts should be. So any sliding wardrobe supplier should give you a guarantee on the fittings and mechanics of the wardrobe. Ours is 10 years for the sliding system.


A difficult one to make a swooping statement on because a wardrobe depending on quality and design can cost anything from under €100 to over a few thousand.

With sliding wardrobe manufacturers you want to make sure you cover in the cost your storage solution as well as installation so there are no surprises.

With conventional wardrobes check if there is an additional cost for delivery.

We think you might be surprised when you compare on quality and price that sliding wardrobes compare competitively if not cheaper against standard options.

In any case, we believe pricing should be transparent, so you can see guidance on pricing on our site and if you want to take it further, we work with you on a full quote – no strings attached.

So when it comes down to it, you really need to ask yourself what’s important to you. Best use of space and high quality? Then a sliding wardrobe will be better for you. Looking to move soon? Well then a standard wardrobe will suit better.

Hope this helps make the right choice!


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