Sliding Wardrobes in Dublin Apartments

Sliding Wardrobes in Dublin Apartments 

We’d all like a little more space and when it comes to many apartments it seems like the architects never quite consider storage. Most hot presses, if you are lucky enough to have one, are crammed to the hills with towels, bed linen and extra blankets. While small wardrobes are stacked with no inch to spare. What’s the solution?

Small space doesn’t equal no space – that’s the good news! So let’s run through a few tips to make the most of it!

Multi_hanger1. Categorise your clothes

Most of us won’t have a winter / summer wardrobe (I wish!) but there are still items like big wooly cardigans and jumpers that you don’t need all year round. Similarly you might have some more fancy clothes that are not every day. For anything that can go on hangers, see if you can get your hands on suit bags or multi-use hangers, you know those that can hold a few items. Hang these to one corner. Those winter woolies in the summer can go to the back of the wardrobe too. This method should help you see clearly what you have for everyday wear.

2. Match Like for Like

Overall it’s a good idea in a small space in that you are likely to see hard into, to put all the same items together. You might have some high stacks of t-shirts. My suggestion is to go by colour and then for example sleeve length. That way it’s easier to find what you are looking for without having to pull out the whole pile and creating a mess.

Drawer_boxes3. Boxes

You can buy purpose built wardrobe boxes or you can work with shoe boxes or old photo boxes to achieve the same thing. Small space just gets messy and having things in boxes separates piles for falling into each other.

I have a box where all my leggings are rolled up in so they don’t get mixed up and I can just grab them. I also have all my little pop socks in a toiletry bag that I don’t use anymore – these little buggers are tricky to find in a full sock drawer!

4. Sliding Wardrobes

Great for small spaces are sliding wardrobes. Most freestanding models ignore the space between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling which generally ends up as a dust trap or full of things that you are never going to reach again in black bags.

A sliding wardrobe makes use of the each inch of space going from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling. You can design your own storage solutions – so how much shelving you need, how much hanging space etc. So it’s purpose built for small space.

To find out more about sliding wardrobes for small, medium or large spaces, book an appointment with us and we’ll call you back!


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