Spring cleaning – How to declutter your wardrobe

Spring cleaning – How to declutter your wardrobe

Spring_Clean_WardrobeYou might remember from my first article that I find decluttering quite therapeutic. I tend to ring in the new year with a big clear-out but I know many of your favour the spring clean. Instead of talking about general decluttering today, let’s just see what we can do for wardrobes:


Take your time

The first thing with any decluttering project is that you do need time to do it. When it comes to your wardrobe consider the time it will take to reorganise but as you’ll inevitable will make decisions on what will stay and what will go, you need to factor time in to try things on.

Let it all hang out

It makes little sense to try and reorganise when you can’t see the space clearly and empty. So my first step in clearing out a wardrobe is to pull everything out and onto the bed. It all starts as a big mess but I have to look at every piece and decide where to best store it.

Honesty wins

If you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months then it goes in the bye-bye pile. Be honest here and you’ll find a lot more room at the end of it. You don’t need to throw things in the bin, consider charity shops, friends and even DIY projects that you could embark on like embellishing cushions, starting a quilt etc. Just make sure with these DIY projects that they’ll get finished otherwise you are just moving your space issue from point A to point B.

Hanging the outfit

As honest as we want to be there will be items that we can’t throw away. For me those are spur of the moment buys and by the time I got home, I never really wore them. What helps here is to see what it would go with and hanging the outfit together. This way you don’t have to think about it but just grab it as a whole and off you go!

Positive pressure

Nothing like a bit of positive pressure to get the project started! A few years ago swap nights and swap shops became really popular. The trend has died down a little but I still find them a lot of fun. Getting together with girlfriends and exchanging clothes means that you’ll be not only getting rid of things you are not wearing anymore but are also making someone else happy with a new item. Just try not to bring home more than you left with!

Organise it right

As things make their way back into the wardrobe think about how you can better organise them. I wrote an article a while ago on organising smaller wardrobes and you get some ideas on hangers, boxes and other tips here.

Enjoy the spring clean!


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