Why start a Sliding Wardrobe business?

Why start a Sliding Wardrobe business? 

It’s funny, since we started Fumro late last year, I keep getting asked this question: Why start a furniture business? Conrad and I have great jobs, two kids and a dog – surely that’s enough on our plates? Not least, the economy may be recovering but isn’t it risky starting a business now?

And they may be right, we do have a lot on and yes, starting a business in any climate is a scary thought. But really, we wanted to do this because of our own experience when we bought our house in Crumlin.

Our own need for storage

With two kids and a dog our 3 bed house is always full. At times we even had an au pair to help with the childcare when I went back to work after having my little girl. So essentially 3 adults and 2 kids and yes, Sparky! That’s a lot of stuff to store between coats and hats, wellies, the buggy, toys and clothes. And there is just not enough room in the house.

The attic was an option but – this may sound lazy – it’s just to hard to hop up and down there for every day stuff. Under the stairs filled up fast. Under the beds even faster.

Quality and cost

By chance I had a chat with a friend of Conrad’s who told us about built in wardrobes. I liked the idea but hold on, we just bought the house, could we afford it? I didn’t want to invest in something that would break soon to just save money or something that didn’t look right for the same reason.

Quality is important. This wardrobe has to be used by all the family and couldn’t just break within a year. On top of this, I wanted something that was designed well and looked right. Oh yes, and not cost the world!

I was pleasantly surprised what could be done. And we got a sliding wardrobe.

It’s in the kids room and holds all their clothes as well as having storage for their toys that they can easily get their hands on (and put them away again themselves!). The space we put it in has a slanted side, so a “normal” wardrobe wasn’t an option.

This changed the upstairs of our house to something, dare I say more tranquil for my mind!

Conrad took it further and spoke to some friends and connections in Ireland and abroad and we realised that we could offer this tranquility to other homes and families at a competitive rate with loads of options!

Shopping should be an experience and easy

Like any other household we are busy and the time we have to spare we want to spend with the kids – quality time. Not time running around stores on a Saturday when it’s packed with people.

I like when I shop, and it doesn’t matter for what, that the experience is pleasurable. For example, I love my Boots Card (a little extra), I like clothes shops where they help you in the dressing rooms with sizes, a shop with little wait times and where they really get what I want rather than just pushing stuff on me. Shopping should be a treat, especially for larger investments and items you’ll have for a long time.

When we started talking about Fumro, that’s what we wanted to do. Offer people just like us a great experience when they buy. From a mutual understanding of homes built in the Dublin commuter belt, the need for a relaxed shopping experience and a quality product that really suits you.

So back to the question, why did we start Fumro? Well, we get the problem you are trying to solve and and we want you to have the same experience as us! Simple, right?


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