The bittersweet dilemma of designing your bedroom – Bedroom Furniture and Design

The bittersweet dilemma of designing your bedroom – Bedroom Furniture and Design 

For most of us it’s exciting to get the chance to redesigning your bedroom, pick new bedroom furniture or to move into a new space. If I could, I’d redesign ours a few times a year – I guess that’s why you do have to be sure that you get it right. Redesigning that often would be pretty pricey!


I like to get inspired by what others have done, by colours in a painting I’ve seen, by knowing what annoys me now and needing to fix it. I enjoy going through catalogues and books as much as going through website. A big place of inspiration for my is Pinterest.  Collecting ideas and just checking out what others have done. Another place to dream are apps like Houzz.

Bedroom furnitureBut you can also get inspired by places you’ve been or where you’d like to go. So for example, if you’ve spent a lot of time on holiday in Spain, going with a white and brown colour scheme to imitate the look of a traditional home might be an idea.

The other big inspiration is of course from what you want to get out of the room. Is your bedroom meant to be tranquil place to retreat to or are you looking for a more functional “let’s just get some shuteye” style? Here you need to think about the right lighting, where to place the bed (I’m a light sleeper and the walls are thin, so the bed has to be in the most ‘silent’ spot).

Handy tips

A clean slate tends to be the best to really get to see how you’d like to place things. But that’s a luxury hard to come by unless you are just moving in. But if you can, try and move furniture around and declutter to get a feel for the space. Try and see it with fresh eyes and from different angles – I’ve stood on the bed to get a birdseye view and it does bring a new perspective.

Draw out what you’d like it to be. You don’t have to be Picasso. Just squares on a piece of paper. Don’t forget to draw in the door and which way it opens. You can move things around, and stick the options to the bedroom door or fridge for a while just to see which resonates with you over time the most.

Quick fixes

Getting brand new bedroom furniture can be pricey and sometimes it’s not necessary as you just need to freshen up what you’ve got.

Fresh linens, cushions and curtains can help brighten and change a room around completely. When you buy curtains, if you can, get the ones that you can iron in place at the right length as it will save you from sewing or paying for alterations.

If you have a weekend to spare consider painting the room. If you are an “up an at’em” kinda person, then make sure the room is bright but also that your blinds shut out the light overnight for a good rest. If it takes you a little longer go wake up and you prefer a gentler start to the day, consider a warmer colour paired with softer lighting.

Old furniture can also be spruced up with some wood stain. This gets more into the DIY but it can be fun to get the kids to help sand down a bed frame or bedside table. Adding the stain is simple and can be bought in most good DIY shops. This is a good one if you are looking to darken your furniture and like a more rustic look.

I once received a very sweet gift of an old lamp. The lamp shade just didn’t fit, my furniture at the time was all new. But I felt I had to use it until one day it fell and the lampshade got damaged. I had before then never thought about getting a different shade for the lamp and was surprised that for what I think was only €10 I got a new lamp that I loved for many years.

So there are loads of quick fixes to suit most budgets.


Investing in a good set of bedroom furniture is something worth considering for most people. Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a place to recharge and should be comfortable, functional and a retreat.

When you consider investing in new furniture, you can either purchase a set or individual pieces to mix & match. I’ve mixed & matched for many years and only as we started Fumro actually gone for a set. There is no right or wrong here, but for me the set works. The bedroom looks like it belongs together, it’s peaceful and a space where I don’t want to change or hide anything.

When we started thinking about getting a set, we did think a lot about what we need it to do. Functionally as well from a design perspective. So plenty of storage, it shouldn’t overwhelm the room, it should be cosy but still suit Conrad as he jumps out of bed in the morning ready for the gym.

Investing in a set should start with a list of what you want it to do and how you want it to look to make it work for you. When you choose your supplier, check out those who can deliver functionally first and then offer different design options.

If you like, just get in touch with me and we can talk about the options available in Fumro from wardrobes to matching bed and locker sets. Most styles come in a variety of finishes, so that it’s just right for you.


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