Using Feng Shui in the Bedroom – 5 Steps to Better Rest, Relaxation and Romance

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of decoration that encourages chi (life force energy) to flow through a space, creating an environment that promotes adequate health, wealth and happiness.

Good Feng Shui in the bedroom helps ensure that this area is ideal for relaxation and romance. In a harmonious bedroom environment we increase our ability to sleep well and wake up feeling energized and excited to face the next day.

Below are 5 simple, yet highly effective, steps that can be used to help achieve this effect.


  1. Use Calming Colours and Décor

Light colours, especially pastels, are ideal for creating an atmosphere of calm. They help promote a feeling of comfort, and work well for painting walls and using for other bedroom decorations.

  1. Keep a Minimal Amount of Bedroom Furniture.

Too much furniture limits the flow of chi through any space. Try to keep as little furniture as possible in the bedroom to encourage the natural flow of air through the environment.

The only recommended pieces of bedroom furniture are: a bed, two bedside tables (to create balance), a chest of drawers and a good quality wardrobe to store everything else and keep the room neat and organised.

  1. Be mindful of the Quality and Position of the Bed.

One of the most important pieces of furniture that you will ever buy is your bed. A good quality bed with a headboard, and mattress, are always recommended. These encourage more restful sleep and help to release any physical pain.

Never place the bed directly across from a mirror as, when you are in it, this reflection creates the illusion of other people being in the room and invading what is a very personal space. Ideally the bed should be positioned in the middle of the room diagonally to the door, so that anybody entering will be immediately seen, but there is space on both sides to create balance.

  1. Keep the Bedroom as a Place for Resting only.

Wherever possible, the bedroom should be used as a place for relaxation only. Keep this space clutter-free and try to limit the use of a tv, computer or any other equipment not related to resting here.

  1. Enhance the Room with Things that Create a Sense of Comfort and Relaxation.

We each have different things that encourage us to relax and create a sense of well-being in our surroundings. Burning scented oils or putting a vase with beautiful flowers can create an ideal atmosphere, and encourage a sense of warmth and safety.


I hope that this post has helped show where the art of Feng Shui can turn the bedroom into a personal sanctuary, your place to unwind and be at peace. Let us know how these tips help you, as well as any other ones that you use to create the perfect space of rest, relaxation and romance for yourself.