Walk In Wardrobes for Empty Nesters

Walk In Wardrobes for Empty Nesters

Walk_in_wardrobeA walk in wardrobe is a dream for most of us. Not because we “just” want more clothes but the thought of being able to see everything clearly, no fuss and space to try things on. My favourite dream of a walk in wardrobe is actually to be able to drop the clean washing into a room and not look at a pile of ironing!

As much as I wish we could have this in our home, we just don’t have the space right now. Unlike a sliding wardrobe you do need enough space to actually walk into it. Now this could be a couple of square metres, so not that big, but still more space that for another style wardrobe.

Empty nesters like my friend’s parents are a great example of how a dream of a walk in wardrobe can come true. Once their 2 daughters had moved out and it was clear they were not going to move back any time soon, her mum decided to fulfill a little dream of the walk in wardrobe in the smaller one of the girls’ bedrooms.

The concept is simple, in a long room they have a mirror at the back wall and then either sidewall is covered with shelves and hangers at different heights. On the shelves are boxes so that the smalls are still hidden away while everything else is easy to see.

“The best thing is actually that we have so much more room in our bedroom now that we don’t have a clunky wardrobe in it anymore,” Jane explained to me when I asked her what the best thing about it was.

It was simple to build. The longest part of it was actually to decide on what the storage should look like – which selves were to go where etc. Jane and Heinz did all of this themselves; luckily Heinz and some of his friends are pretty handy when it comes to DIY and all shelves are straight and no shoes are falling off the rack!

Walk in wardrobes are ideal if you have a spare box room or the option to spare part of a room to create that dream of the walk in.

Conrad can help you with the design and selecting the right storage solution for you. There are options of different style wood, how much hanging space you need etc. And once you’ve gone through this, it’s only a matter of a couple of weeks until we have the parts ready to assemble in your home. No hassle, no fuss just a great walk in solution.


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