What Quality can you expect from Sliding Wardrobes?

What quality can you expect from Sliding Wardrobes?

You want to be sure that when you make an investment in a new piece of furniture that it is worth it. Especially when you spend time customising it and getting it fitted into your home.

Quality is a big piece of the puzzle and important to check with the different suppliers that you might be contacting for a sliding wardrobe. Always ask straight out for experiences with quality – what are the pieces that need more TLC? What do you need to consider when caring for your wardrobe? There is probably no need to hug them regularly, but do ask for recommended cleaning products and materials that might not work well with some of the parts.

Most importantly though, check for guarantees. Be wary when there is no guarantee at all or a full guarantee. The latter is unlikely because most suppliers cannot replace a mirror if it breaks by accident or if something fell through the door. So if you do get this offer, get an explanation of what ‘full’ truly means. Fumro offers a 10 year guarantee on the sliding system. So the parts that make up the moving pieces of your sliding wardrobe.

When you decide on which sliding wardrobe supplier to go with, be open as to what you expect and how you are planning to use the wardrobe. For example, if it’s meant to be in the hallway, then a mirror would be handy but perhaps not the full length as it’s in danger of being kicked. Some materials are easier to clean others show sticky hand prints up more easily. These are the type of topics your supplier should advise you on. We mentioned in another post on the flexibility of sliding wardrobes how important it is to talk to us about what you really want so that we can create the wardrobe made to your needs. This also goes for quality and advice on materials. The more information we have from you, the better we can advise you.

Remember, you can always give us a call to talk about options – no strings attached!


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