What your wardrobe says about you

What your wardrobe says about you 

There is nothing like finding the time to do a little quiz now and again and having a laugh at the result. Since we are in the sliderobes business, well I had a look at the what your wardrobe says about you quizzes and have put my own spin on it! Funny thing, I think most of us fit a little into each category…


The ‘Just in Case’ Hoarder

That pair of jeans bought in 2005 that looked so good back then and will one day fit again. The snow boots bought for ‘the big snow’ that is set to return any minute now. The tie dye shirt because surely the 70’s will come back into fashion eventually.

I like these items in my wardrobe – they remind me of places and times where I had great fun wearing them. It’s hard to through these away. So if you find yourself most fitting into this category and need some extra space in your closet, why don’t you pull out all the stuff you haven’t worn in the last 12 months (be honest!) and then see what you really want to keep. See what could be repurposed. Depending on how handy you are you can make embellishments for tea towels, cushion covers, quilts…


flowershoesThe Emotional Shopper

We all have a few items in our wardrobe that we bought on a whim. Because we thought we’d be cool enough, it would fit eventually or that your feet would eventually get used to stilettos!

If you find yourself mostly in this category fear not! I try with those items to place them in the front of the sliderobe so I see them and force myself to wear them. If I really don’t, well then it’s time to give them away or make something out of them. We just had a swap at work and exchanged clothes. I knew my stuff got a great new home and got some nice new clothes in the process!


Somewhere there is a rainbow

Somewhere there might be a rainbow but it’s just not in your wardrobe. It’s white, grey, black. That’s fine, we all go through these phases. And getting used to colour is hard.

I used to have about 80% black clothes and a friend forced me into buying colour. Little bits like necklaces, shoes etc to ease me in and then I went for it. Now I match black jeans with a bright top and it does affect my mood on the day.

If you want to get better at adding colour, force yourself to buy just colour. It doesn’t have to be super bright! And maybe get into the habit of hanging colourful accessories on the hangers over your black/grey/white stuff so you pick them together.


Same same but different

I buy the same style of jeans from the same shop over and over. Yes, different colours but the cut is the same. They fit. Why change?

It’s easier to just grab anything and know it fits and sits right. But just as with colour, it’s fun to add a few different styles in there. Introduce them slowly and see how comfortable you are with them. Get some ‘Friday wear’. Or even again through accessories try and spice things up a little.


Organisation station

I always wanted to be in this category. You open the wardrobe and you see everything clearly. Things are neatly folded and laid out so you can see it all.

Now to get to being a true organised wardrobe person, you need a good storage solution. And if you can’t invest, there are some things you can do to just get a little better organised. I wrote a post before on sliding wardrobes for small spaces. It has some cool tricks to get more out of your space and organise it to suit your needs. So check that one out!


I guess, most of us fit into one or more of these categories. It’s fun to figure out what you can do to make the most out of the clothes, storage and space you have. I’d love to hear what category you fit in. Or are you a totally different one?

Hope you had fun reading this post!


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